Listed below are links to other Messianic teachers, many of which I have used over the past 5 years. Although there is good information and teachings on these sites, PLEASE make sure you study out the teachings. Be a Berean, and study out everything to verify truth.
Excellent Torah teachings from Tony Robinson. Tony shows how the Holy Scriptures have "Thematic Connections", many of which point to Messiah.
I learned much from my brother and friend Reuven the last time I was in Israel. His teachings on "The only true Elohim" and "What we MUST believe about Messiah" are both EXCELLENT Teachings.
Another good friend of mine who lives in Israel- is a Hasidic Jew that believes Yahshua is the Messiah. He brings teachings from the Hasidic point of view. Because of persecution in the land, contact me if you would like to know more and I will get in touch with him.
Rico Cortes: His site, WisdominTorah, has some excellent teachings as he digs deep into the temple and the temple service and shows how the temple is connected to our coming King, Messiah Yahshua.
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Other excellent websites that contain foundational teachings and other assorted studies.
     24/7 Live Streaming Hebraic Teachings
A friend of mine, who lives in Israel has an excellent blog that contains commentary on the Torah.
Another excellent resource if you are trying to understand Biblical chronology, shmittah, and Yovel- a good site with many teachings. Joseph Dumond: Sightedmoon