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Shalom, we've been visiting Israel every year for quite some time. During our many visits to the land, we have an opportunity to arrange tours for small groups (10 or less) of people from anywhere between 1 - 2 weeks. By having smaller groups (rather than large tour bus groups) enable: 1.) greater flexibility, 2.) greater interaction with those living in the land, 3.)overall lower costs 4.) along with the normal areas, visiting areas most tour groups hardly ever visit: here are but a few places where most tour groups do not visit- Mt. Gerizim, Tel Arad, Hebron, Tel Kedesh, Beit Tsaida, Gamla, Ellon More, Shechem, Shiloh, Mt. Hermon, Ashkelon, Susita (Hippos), Mt. Gilboa, along with other attractions that are absolutely stunning such as Rosh HaNikra, Gan Hashlosha, and various areas in the Golan. We also have extensive knowledge of various ancient synagogues located in the "Yahshua Triangle"- such as: Nashut, Kanaf (Dir Aziz), Um El Qanatir, etc. We enjoy showing the land to those who have a desire to visit Israel and would want the tour to be YOUR TOUR curtailed to fit what you would like to do. Feel free to contact us if interested in seeing the LAND!     Below are links to videos from various trips to Israel. We hope you enjoy them!
*ISRAEL TOURING INFORMATION:   (Israel Bus Information: easy to use)  (Best to have a good cell phone rental BEFORE traveling to Israel)                                                                                           (Excellent site listing the national parks and many biblical sites in Israel)
In addition to the above website, a MUST-HAVE book is the "Israel Nat'l Parks & Nature Reserves" by Azaria Alon. It will be very helpful to have when touring Israel.  (The GREEN Book)  (Jerusalem touring info- good listing of available parking which is VERY LIMITED)
Another excellent book to have when touring around the Old City of Jerusalem                            
Northern Galilee
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Oil Lamp- Tel Mareshah
Rosh HaNikra
Rosh HaNikra
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Galilee from Tzefat
Meron Mountains
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Mt Gilboa
Overlooking Jezreel Valley
Dead Sea
Dead Sea
Western Wall
Easter Gate
Synagogue at Gamla
Wall breached by Romans
Sderot: Feeding the hungry
Sunset at Galilee
Sderot: Hands of Mercy
Boat on Galilee
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View from boat on Galilee
Ein Gedi
Baptism Site
Baptism Site
Ein Gedi
Nevorayah Synagogue
Bar Am Synagogue
Tel Dan
View from Tel Be'er Sheva
Well at Tel Be'er Sheva
Jezreel Valley
Cistern at Tel Be'er Sheva
Hebron: Cave of Machpelah
Sefard Syn @ Tzefat
Egal Pass